Adventist Standards: Clothing

Church ClothesOnce again, the Adventist church has gone way overboard with the way we deal with young people when it comes to attire.  It has been standard practice that we show respect when we go to the house of worship.  We teach our kids proper attire.  Today, the story is not the same one.  Today, though, we need to bring in the young people.  We have to do things that the kids of today do.  It doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside.  The heart is what God wants.  As a result, young people are coming to church with a lackadaisical attitude and not even respect the awesomeness of the God they worship.  Let me tell you soemething, if these people apply to work for a company, they have to dress a certain way or they will not be considered for the job.  It is a way to show respect for and identification with a group or organization.  I have walked into the halls of some Adventist churhes Sabbath morning and confronted with young people who do not have a sense of the awesomeness and majesty of God.  I wasn’t sure if they are going to worship or to a dance.  It will be wise for us not to water down the standards that has served us well over the last 160 years of our existence.  Here are some thoughts to think about:  First, we are not a normal church.  We are a movement and we were raised for a purpose.  Thus, we have to be different.  Second, we do not need to immitate and conform to world standards to bring or keep people in.  Last, we are a peculiar people set apart for a special purpose.