Immitation Food

Immitation foodWhy are Adventists promoting, using, and immitating the world when it comes to food.  Lets think about it for a minute.  We have immitation mutton, immitation beef, immitation turkey,-and the list goes on and on.  We now have immitation shrimp.  What is the idea about promoting and selling immitation food?  I don’t see any reason why we should be promoting these flavored food that immitates the real thing.  If promoting good health is what the Adventist church should be doing, then we have miserably failed in this endeavor.  Consider a big frank for a moment.  One big frank has more sodium and more calories than a real hotdog.  Our efforts should be focused on having church members exercise more and eat more plant based food instead of synthetic foods.  The adventist church used to be at the forefront of preaching the health message.  Yet, today, we are trailing behind the world in this respect.  While the world have other motives in living healthy lifestyles (animal rights, etc..), we should nevertheless reclaim our place or we will cease to become a blue zone.  Take a look at potlucks on a regular sabbath and notice how much cheese and synthetic foods are being served.  When we have pastors and church leaders who are so overwheight, we really have to ask ourselves if we are doing the Lord’s service.  To claim to have the last day message and not living according to the light we have is nothing but hypocrisy.  Pass the steak please!!!