Tennessee pastor arrested for including ‘Seven day-Adventist’ in church name

Reverend Walter McGill of Creation Seven-day Church in Guys (TN) was recently arrested in Loma Linda (CA). McGill’s arrest comes following a six-year legal dispute with the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church. A former Seven-day Adventist, McGill left the denomination over two decades ago, and eventually founded an independent church which he named “Creation Seven-day Adventist.”

Subsequently, the General Conference of Seven-day Adventists accused McGill of using their name for fraudulent purposes, and successfully sued for trademark infringement. The U.S. District Court of West Tennessee ruled that McGill could no longer use “Seven-day Adventist” in his church name. However, McGill’s continued refusal to comply with the court ruling, led to the issuance of a contempt of court warrant.

The embroiled pastor is now being held the San Bernardino County Jail, where a federal magistrate will soon decide whether he will return McGill to Tennessee to face contempt of court charges.