The Juice and the Bread

The Adventist church (my beloved church) has once again gone way over board on thid issue.  We are becoming the church of PC (political correctioness).  Why?, you may ask?  In one particular church in Southern California, instead of doing what has been the standard practice during communion where we parttake of the bread and the wine, they have changed it to “bread and the juice”.  My friends, the bible is very clear.  We rationalize too much.  Jesus changed “water into wine”, not into juice.  The people who were at the party said that the host of the party reserved the “good wine” for the end, not good juice.  The new testament is also very clear about a little wine for the thirsty.  Noah was drunk with wine, not juice.  We somehow continue to rationalize our position until the cows come home but it doesn’t change the fact that it is very clear the we are talking about fermented wine-and not juice-as this church has done.  This is the reason why almost half of all the good practizing SDAs today drink wine for lunch and dinner.  Let us also remember that the Middle East is a wine producing region.  It was prevalent in Jesus’ days as is the case today.  Unfortunately for us, we are trying too hard to be accepted by one side or the other.  We are not any better than the politics we see today.  We want to appeal to our base, and in the process, we ignore the word of God.  Let’s stick to the bible and not try to be politically correct.