Women’s Ordination

Yesterday, the Pacific Union of the Seventh-Day Adventist church passed the proposition  that women can now become ordained ministers (pastors).  This is a renegade act by this division since most of the world body objects to this decision.  The South American Division-along with the African and Asian Divisions are against this decision.  These are the divisions that have the most baptisms and membership around the world.  Church growth comes not from inside the United States but from around the world.  Yes, I understand that this is the riches division in the world with five of the churches in the Inland Empire (Azure Hills, Campus Hills, University Church of Loma Linda, La Sierra Church, and Calimesa) bring in more than 2% of the world budget.   But, do we have a voice because of what we give?  This is nothing but politics pure and simple.  The reason why the voice of the poor is not heard is because they do not have the money-pure and simple.  The people with the money scream the loudest.   Here is what I have come up with.  First, we got to be more sensitive to the cultural make-up of the world body and not just focus on our own agenda.  The debate should take into account the myriad of opinions and practices around the world.  Second, we cannot present a divided message.  We cannot have one lone division going against the tide when we should stand united in doctrine.  Last, the bible is very clear-women should remain silent in church.  This move is unbiblical.  I have seen cultures destroyed because the missionaries would come in and teach the natives the “truth.”  Well, every time the so called leaders have new light causes quite a resistance when we tell the natives (third world churches) that we have changed our position and this is how we have to proceed with this issue.  The church throughout the years have plundered into the abyss of darkness because we think we have the right way, and all should follow our example because we are right.